We monitor your websites 24/7 - WhatsUpWebsite.com
We monitor your websites 24/7 - WhatsUpWebsite.com

Webmasters and website owners, we've got your back, 24/7.

We monitor your websites around the clock,
and alert you of a problem on the spot
(before your customers do).

Easy to setup, easy to use

Easy to set up, easy to use. Just sign up, list your monitoring target sites, and done. We start monitoring for you immediately. You can relax, knowing that we have you covered.


We lead the competition for simple, effective and reliable website monitoring. One low price gives you everything. Add up to 10 website monitors.

One price gives you everything

No hidden fees, and no incremental charges for things like more frequent testing or SMS texts. You get everything – email and SMS alerts, dashboard, daily summary, plus history export.

Reliable - always there for you

Day and night, our monitoring engine works for you. Alerts for site down and site up with status, ping, and a daily summary keeps you covered.


Includes 10 fully-featured website monitors!

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Includes our complete feature set, no extra charges:

  • 24/7 monitoring – high frequency checks
  • SMS and Email alerts for all site status changes
  • Dashboard monitor management with on-demand history
  • Monitor history export
  • Weekly activity summary report with opt-in daily report

New features are added regularly – you get the benefits with no additional charge.

2-step authentication – always!

Read more about our monitoring service in our FAQ.

"I use a well-known company for my hosting on a shared platform, over 16 websites written all in PHP. They upgraded PHP across the board from 5.4 to 5.6. I should have been notified of the change in plenty of time but was not (they apologized later). Then, one day, all of my sites started producing errors! WhatsUpWebsite.com detected the faults and notified me immediately via SMS. I was able to log in, determine the problem and fix it, all within an hour. One by one, as I updated the code, WhatsUpWebsite.com alerted me that my sites were back up and running.

If it wasn’t for WhatsUpWebsite.com, I would have had a bunch of angry clients at my door and a lost reputation! Thank you guys – you’re the best!

- Maggie Wu, web developer

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